I would say I don’t do casual often here on my blog. If you follow me on instagram you’d get a real sense of my daily style (seeing as I don’t have the time to post on my blog daily). I tend to dress up even to work, on Friday’s especially. I just feel better when I look how I feel, it sets the mood for my entire day.

In university a prof told me always to dress up to an exam. To wear your prettiest dress, do your hair, – which resulted in me wearing heels. ALL my fellow students looked at me like I was nuts, or trying to hard, but the truth is – I honestly feel like I did better because I felt good. Track pants and top knots may work for some people whilst studying or prepping for an exam, but for me – I’ll take looking like a million bucks and scoring an A+ any day.

I suppose that pep talk comes from my prep-look, with commercials and advertisements all over the city citing back-to-school, I can’t help but be a little nostalgic – I loved school, and even more the school supplies lol, and although each year I look up new courses to try (next on my list is floral arrangements!), and set goals of new adventures to adhere too (blogshop, LuckyFABB) – it’s pretty great being done with exams in general, but I will never lose the urge to learn. Neither should you.

SHIRT: Pink Peter-pan Collar | Thrifted by my Mum
SHORTS: Black Leather Cargo’s| Rag & Bone
BLAZER: Sequin Black Boyfriend Blazer | Diane von Furstenberg
SHOES: Polka-Dot Flats | Old Navy
ACCESSORIES: Earrings | Black Wooden Mod Drops my Mum | Yellow Floral Pin | Vintage | Sunglasses | Tortious Ray-Bans | Vintage

 The Jezebels //\\ Endless Summer | Sent to me by Allie from Allie Wears