I’m back!! Well, I was back last week, but I was busy catching up on work work, as in – my real life job, and getting all things sorted with the psychotic issue  that seems to be my apartment (long story!) In any case, yes, I am back and seemingly with a leather dominatrix vengeance.

I am no stranger to leather. It’s my second skin, literally. I don’t know anyone who owns more leather than I do. This is why I wouldn’t be a good vegan, or vegetarian. I love leather too much. In any case, these pants were an impulsive no-trying-on-necessary purchase. I went shopping with the man friend over the weekend and we popped into Club Monaco – they were displayed on a wall that as soon as you walk into the store welcomes you – it was an easy run, a few people may have gotten knocked over, but it’s ok –  really – I helped them up once I had the pants in my hand.

New York was a bit like that though, people coming and going, dinner with friends and those alike. The one word I would pick to describe my New York Fashion Week experience this year would be casual. I suppose really, I didn’t participate in “Fashion Week” as you know it, I mean sure, I was in the city during the time, and sure, I went to Lucky Magazine’s conference – but no – this year – I choose parks, art, good food, friends and Brooklyn over the tents at Lincoln Centre.

I wanted to get back to the reason why I started blogging, not that you ever came here to read my opinion on high fashion, but I figured, what’s the point in going to the tents when I would rather do what I love, scrumagging around the Brooklyn Flea markets looking for bobbles and finds. Bazinga!

I have slowly become a bobble fanatic. I was once a very minimal jewelry lover once upon a time – I hardly wore any jewels for years, but recently I have acquired gems both old and new, and welcomed them into my daily wears. This necklace from Hot Pop Factory is made right here in Toronto. It has quickly become a favorite – not only because of the amazingly talented couple who own the company (HI B&M!), but because of the love and genius behind the 3D sculpture. It really is a piece of art. Look to their website here for all of the info on their 3D printing product!

JACKET: Ark & Co | Vegan Leather Sleeved Blazer
GLASSES: Tortoise & Blonde | Bowery
 : Walter-Baker | Black Chiffon
BRALETTE: Aritzia | Lace Bra
PANTS: Club Monaco | Tasha Leather Leggings
NECKLACE: Hot Pop Factory | Buy Here

 Noah Gunderson / Jesus, Jesus