Like always, I am all over the place. Spaz.

These last couple of weeks have been intense at work and I have had little time to myself or to breath … between weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and dinosaurs I seem to find little time to do anything for myself.
But that will change, as the holidays are one month away (almost!) and I am dedicating that entire time to my family, man friend and close friends.

In other great news, the man friend and I are planning a trip to Italy for the summer – so if you have some suggestions please let me know! I’ve been before but wasn’t in charge of anything in terms of planning, so this is all new to me! help!

Until then, you can find me galavanting in the woods in a mohair sweater. Thrifted, of course.

SWEATER : Ombre Mohair | Thrifted
SHOES: Suade Penny Loafters | Dolce Vita … obsessed much?!

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