With only two more weeks until Christmas I can’t help but squeal every time I hear a Christmas song! Christmas truly is a magical time of year, and this year, it seems to be contagious. For the first time, in a couple of years, everybody seems to be in the holiday spirit despite the lack of snow around … but you know me, I’ll still be dreaming of a white Christmas.

My favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with my family and friends! This year will be a year of new adventures, I am headed to my grandparents to bake and have a sleep over, my man friends parents bought a place at the foot of the biggest ski and snowboard destination north of Toronto  and I will be spending some of my holidays on the slopes along with cozy nights by the fire. There is no cable so board games and old movies are definitely on the agenda!  The man friend coaches hockey and has entered into a tournament the last weekend of December, but has sworn it will be a blast and has booked us a suite to have a little getaway! Mostly though, I am just thrilled to be spending a consecutive week with my best friend, as we haven’t done  that since June (gasp!)

To You & Yours. Happy Christmas.

BLOUSE: Thrifted | Pink Peter Pan Collar
 : Grey and White Polka Dot Jumper | F21
PANTS: Oxblood Tuxedo Pant | Aritzia
SHOES: Leather T Mary Janes | Nine West

 Flowers In December by Mazzy Star