Oh how time flies!! Hello 2013!!

I am currently in a state of awe and grace. Aw at the fact that it is 2013 and I am turning twenty six this year, grace at the fact that 2012 will look like a cake walk compared to the insanity I have in store for 2013!!

I am so pumped at the opportunities coming my way already, and we are only seventeen days in! I am working with a ton of new talent this year, Bloggers Night Out is whipping up some amazing events and ideas, this here blog should be (I repeat, should – ) be becoming more frequent than once a week (who am I kidding, ahem, twice-a-month).

Until then though, may I introduce you to my new man. Phillip. Phillip, meet the world. Phillip was an over-the-top-not-needed-nor-necissary-partial Christmas gift from my two bestest (I know) friends (I know…). Needless to say we are inseparable, although I feel like so far it’s a one-sided relationship, for example. any chance Phillip seems to get, he jumps off the face of the earth a.k.a where ever I place him.

No worries though, it took me eight years to force the boyfriend to love me (kidding — I think?), I can handle a simple guy named Phill … I mean Lord, Sir, Phillip Lim.

I hope the holidays were cherished, time was spent relaxing and you all managed to take a moment to remember that you are an incredible human being, you are alive, and are never too young or naive to chase your dreams.

I’ve said it a million times, I don’t believe in resolutions, but I do believe in holding your dreams accountable. Write them down and watch how you grow throughout the year, you may just surprise yourself.

SHIRT: Comfy Grey Sweater | HM
 : Blue Flower Trouser | HM
: Leopard Print Heels | Calvin Klein
BAG: 31 Hour | 3.1 Phillip Lim

 Wildest Moments // Jesse Ware