Can you tell it’s snowing in these photos? … (look again) … yah. I wasn’t prepared. I went for brunch on Sunday with zee friends and out of nowhere (not really, I live in Canada and it’s January) it started to effing snow.

I repeat. Not. Prepared.

Either way, here I am, wearing a pair of $2 jeans my mum bought at a charity auction. I had an impulse two weeks ago for a DIY and was dying for a pair of boyfriend jeans … but being a girl who doesn’t wear jeans often – correction – three times a year – I found it sort of pointless to purchase. So I rummaged through my closet, found a hideous pair of baggy jeans and voila! I think I should do a DIY video for these … as they turned out exactly like I wanted them to.

Work is cray (man friend says Craig), and although I feel I am being bombarded with emails I honestly do find setting simple goals throughout the day helpful and encouraging. My 2013 dreams list is already panning out, two things on my list are in the works and are being concocted (haha cocted —) and I am trying to take things in stride instead of stressing over things I cannot control. One of them, as mentioned before – is to blog more … YAY two posts for 2013!

I hope your year is off to a great start, January is coming to a close and that just leaves four more months until flip-flops and lip gloss!

SHIRT: Cream Chiffon | Club Monaco
BLAZER: Emerald & Leather | Ark & Co. | Piperlime
BAUBLES: Vintage
: Black Leather Wedge | Prada

 Teenage Crime // Adrian Lux