Chances are if you visit my blog regularly you will have noticed that my blog encompasses a ton of photography, beyond taking the photos you see on my blog myself, I also put as much time into scouting the location for said blog post shoot as I do getting ready. Some are shot close to home, while others, like these industrial ones, are a little easier to get at in the winter times. If you look closely in my right hand you can see the remote for my camera (on zee tripod). I love taking my own photos, and while I am flattered that some amazing photographers in Toronto and else where have offered to take up residency as my official photographer (imagine?!), I am going to continue to keep it real and shoot myself, for … well, myself.

Having said that, there are things I cannot do alone, and one of them is design a new blog foundation and look for this here blog. My very good (talented, amazing, spontaneous, hilarious, design-junkie-of-a) friend Danielle is in the middle of designing my new look – well rather, our new look for my blog. So in the coming weeks expect some changes – but also some down time (but really, how consistent am I anyway?)

A lot of changes are on their way, this year has started off great – getting rid of the things around me that weigh me down, in hopes that bigger and better things are waiting for me around the corner!

Happy Valentines Day to all of the lovers out there.

COAT: Vintage | Stolen from my Mum
Black and White Stripes | Elizabeth & James
SKIRT: Sequins | F21
SHOES: Black and White Pin Up | Asos
BAG: Vintage | Crocodile