I was lucky (again!) to work with MasterCard to bring you some amazing south of the border Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales here to Canada from stores like Bloomingdale’s, Saks, Gilt, Macy’s, Warby Parker and much more! Above you can see what I took away from it … I am lucky enough that my mum keeps promises and won’t read my blog to see these gifts, my man friend wouldn’t even know how to find my website and my best friend … well lets be honest, I’ve never been good at not telling her before she unwraps them anyway.

I thought long and hard about choosing items for this Christmas gift guide because i) I don’t divulge in gift guides … ever and ii) I didn’t want to choose ridiculously priced items! I am proud to say that everything here is ready to be shipped to your door step thanks to MasterCard Canada until December 10th when you use your MasterCard and code at check out. Don’t have a MasterCard? No worries, Shoppers Drug Mart carries MasterCard gift cards – so now you can shop along with me … and I promise, after the holidays we will start Shoppers Anonymous. Anonymously of course.

Find all the deals here, and don’t forget to tell me what you bought!!

i love you mum // 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
oh, hello man friend // 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
best friends forever // 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

and in case I don’t get a chance to tell you later, happy christmas (less than one month away!!)

bing crosby // it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas



Like always, I am all over the place. Spaz.

These last couple of weeks have been intense at work and I have had little time to myself or to breath … between weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and dinosaurs I seem to find little time to do anything for myself.
But that will change, as the holidays are one month away (almost!) and I am dedicating that entire time to my family, man friend and close friends.

In other great news, the man friend and I are planning a trip to Italy for the summer – so if you have some suggestions please let me know! I’ve been before but wasn’t in charge of anything in terms of planning, so this is all new to me! help!

Until then, you can find me galavanting in the woods in a mohair sweater. Thrifted, of course.

SWEATER : Ombre Mohair | Thrifted
SHOES: Suade Penny Loafters | Dolce Vita … obsessed much?!

 Givers  // Up Up Up


I blogged twice this week!!!! yippy!!! AND this week is probably one of my busiest of the year – so I have NO idea how I pulled it off, thanks Manfriend for taking these shots … (usually I take my own).

With World MasterCard Fashion Week aka Toronto Fashion Week coming to a close, you’d think I would be as calm as a cucumber … but alas, after this week it is straight into holiday season for this girl, with corporate events and Bloggers Night Out brewing … you never really know which continent I’ll be on, but something tells me this winter I wont be flocking south … so please stay tuned for that!

Life is finally settling down (physically!) I’ve had some crazy health scares and issues in the last four weeks, (which I will share soon – I promise!), one of my best friends got married and I got to be the best maid of honour ever (her words – not mine!), my Manfriend is bomb, always – and life just seems to be piecing together quite nicely.

I hope things are settling for you before the holidays come rushing in – my words of advice? stop to smell those damn roses, even if they are an over played flower.

And yes …. I am aware my hat says Cock … clearly I take myself super seriously …

HAT: Cock | Goorin Bros | Queen West
JACKET: Caramel Cargo | Wilfred | Aritzia
: Made in Canada Llama Wool | Thrifted from Kind Exchange | Queen West
PANTS: Wax Coated Hunter Green | JBrand
SHOES: Suade Penny Loafters | Dolce Vita … obsessed much?!

* DONT FORGET you can get my hat and a thrifted treasure on Queen West until November 4th – 20% off even – look here for all the details!! Happy Shopping!!

Calvin Harris ft Florence Welch // Sweet Nothing


Lucky you, I am posting twice this week lol, although 99% of you know I post only on Thursday’s (if that, yah … I know!!) – but this week is different – mostly because I am posting daily on MasterCard Stylicity Blog (YAY me!!), and I thought – huh – maybe I should post more often on my own blog this week, seeing as it makes zero sense to ask you to go here, and here – to see what I’m up to on Stylicity for MasterCard Fashion Week – and not post at least two outfit posts!

So here I am. Wearing my mum’s 80’s plaid and the cheapest skirt ever – really. Oh, and the ears – yah – they are amazeballs!!! $20 from Fashion Crimes on Queen St … but you’ll have to stick around to see what else I’ve purchased through Stylicity’s great savings program!!

EARS: Bad Bunny | Fashion Crimes
 :80’s Plaid | Thrifted from my Mum
SKIRT: Black Pleated Pleather | F21
SHOES:  Suade Penny Loafters | Dolce Vita

 En Vouge / Free Your Mind


I took a mini break from this hear blog – sorry about that. The break wasn’t because I wanted to, more because I had to, but it gave me some down time to really think about WTF I am doing with my blog. I mean, for me – my blog is just a diary of my tangents regarding thrifted treasures, vintage from my gran and another pair of $500 shoes I probably can’t really afford, and I like my blog that way – people have weighed in on my blog stating that I reveal too much, that my grammar is poor (no kidding – I write the way I speak not the way you want me to), and recently – I’ve had a few quips about my photography (which, by the way, I take myself and take pride in that, I don’t want a photographer), but alas it’s easy for me to brush it off, as I still maintain that I blog for me. I think my next post will be about just that.

Until then, life has been insane (will fill you all in), but in the same capacity, the good comes with the bad. I have been asked to represent MasterCard in their Stylicity program again for Toronto Fashion Week. So be sure to look for that – I am as excited as they seem to be to have me back – which is such a pleasure!

This outfit is what I wore to Thanksgiving last weekend with my grandparents – just a small casual dinner with the most delicious Turkey on earth. I really am spoiled to have a family who loves to cook! Safe to say my food coma lasted me the entire weekend up north. The trees are all turning and the crisp air made sleeping that much better. I had copious amounts of wine, had a blast with my boyfriends family hiking up Blue Mountain and loved the fact that I hardly touched my cell phone.

I hope all my Canadian friends had a chance to disconnect and re-connect with your adoring families. Until next week.

COAT: Caramel Cargo | Wilfred | Aritizia
 :DIY Dip Dye | American Eagle
DRESS: Black & White Stripes | HM
ARM: Vintage, Tiffany&Co, Vintage Watch, Sorrelli, Jami Braided
SHOES:  Suade Penny Loafters | Dolce Vita

 Marvin Grey / Heard It Through The Grape Vine – Dubstep Remix


I’m back!! Well, I was back last week, but I was busy catching up on work work, as in – my real life job, and getting all things sorted with the psychotic issue  that seems to be my apartment (long story!) In any case, yes, I am back and seemingly with a leather dominatrix vengeance.

I am no stranger to leather. It’s my second skin, literally. I don’t know anyone who owns more leather than I do. This is why I wouldn’t be a good vegan, or vegetarian. I love leather too much. In any case, these pants were an impulsive no-trying-on-necessary purchase. I went shopping with the man friend over the weekend and we popped into Club Monaco – they were displayed on a wall that as soon as you walk into the store welcomes you – it was an easy run, a few people may have gotten knocked over, but it’s ok –  really – I helped them up once I had the pants in my hand.

New York was a bit like that though, people coming and going, dinner with friends and those alike. The one word I would pick to describe my New York Fashion Week experience this year would be casual. I suppose really, I didn’t participate in “Fashion Week” as you know it, I mean sure, I was in the city during the time, and sure, I went to Lucky Magazine’s conference – but no – this year – I choose parks, art, good food, friends and Brooklyn over the tents at Lincoln Centre.

I wanted to get back to the reason why I started blogging, not that you ever came here to read my opinion on high fashion, but I figured, what’s the point in going to the tents when I would rather do what I love, scrumagging around the Brooklyn Flea markets looking for bobbles and finds. Bazinga!

I have slowly become a bobble fanatic. I was once a very minimal jewelry lover once upon a time – I hardly wore any jewels for years, but recently I have acquired gems both old and new, and welcomed them into my daily wears. This necklace from Hot Pop Factory is made right here in Toronto. It has quickly become a favorite – not only because of the amazingly talented couple who own the company (HI B&M!), but because of the love and genius behind the 3D sculpture. It really is a piece of art. Look to their website here for all of the info on their 3D printing product!

JACKET: Ark & Co | Vegan Leather Sleeved Blazer
GLASSES: Tortoise & Blonde | Bowery
 : Walter-Baker | Black Chiffon
BRALETTE: Aritzia | Lace Bra
PANTS: Club Monaco | Tasha Leather Leggings
NECKLACE: Hot Pop Factory | Buy Here

 Noah Gunderson / Jesus, Jesus


In less than five days I will be waking up in Manhattan and running around wild with the blogosphere elite. I am blessed beyond words to have such amazing friends, and even more so, blessed that we get to bop around  major cities doing the things we love. This will be my fourth season for Fashion Week, and I encourage you to take that jump, wanna come to New York Fashion Week? Ok, come! Just book a flight. If not this season, next! Get involved in one of the conferences that are held for bloggers each season, educate yourself – learn from the best, party like a rockstar at Bloggers Night Out and take to the tents. Sounds too difficult? … Than I am sorry dear friend, blogging is not for you. Blogging is difficult. You’ve got to take your faith into your own hands and push yourself to explore new territory unfamiliar with your everyday niche life. After all, isn’t that why you started blogging in the first place? I know that’s why I did.

See you in Manhattan!

HAT: Black Prim | Vintage from my Mum
 : Peter-Pan Polka Dot | LF
SKIRT: Black Velvet | Thrifted from my Mum
SHOES:  Mary-Jane’s | Michael Kors

 Gregory Alan Isakov / If I go, I’m going