Q: how old are you?
A: I’m twenty five. my birthday is april fools day. [yah, this Q&A is going to be awesome with laughs like that]

Q: how tall are you?
A: 5″zip

Q: do you have a twitter account?
A: yes – of course. @kendallerica

Q: what did you study at university?
A: journalism, and then advertising & graphic deisgn

Q: what skincare products do you use? and what’s your skin type?
A: I know you have read it 101 times. YOU MUST WASH YOUR FACE EVERY NIGHT. I splash my face with warm water, use Clinique soap bar, lather & rinse using a face cloth. I then immediately after splash my face with freezing cold water and PAT my face dry. your face is uber sensitive to towels, do not rub your face with your towel, ever. I also read somewhere that your skin has exactly 5 minutes to soak in moisturizer or it’s pointless – so I moisturize directly after splashing my face, again – I use Clinique dramatically different moisturizer. I also sub in a scrub twice a week – Cliniqe 7 day scrub or H20 sea mineral scrub. I sub my products between Clinique and H20 – I swear by the H20 sea mineral mud mask – it is avatar blue mud mask and nothing short of perfection. I also have oily to combination skin – during the winter months my face does get a tad dry.

Q: what do you do to your hair?
A: er … nothing. literally. I don’t wash it a lot – I know, screw up your nose. I don’t think it’s healthy to wash it all the time – I have amazing hair – and I can last five days without an ounce of grease, when it gets a little greasy – I throw it up or curl it with an iron – grease also allows curls to last longer. FYI.

Q: where do you shop?
A: everywhere and anywhere. I am surprised I was asked – maybe they specifically meant vintage places, or thrift places – but a lot of things come from my family.

Q: when did you start blogging
A: in 2009 – I am unemployed, then employed working nights, had my days free – BAM! seemed like a logical way to turn my narcissism into something productive. simple.

Q: what camera do you use?
A: I own probably seven camera’s – I shoot photography [for fun-ish – not quite professionally] on the side – always have, so for work I use my Nikon, but for my blog – I use my Canon Rebel XTi usually my nifty-fifty [50mm] lens. I use the rebel over my D80 because of the weight difference. I also think any camera is workable – it is all about knowing your camera – every setting, under every circumstance – get to know it – other wise it will let you down.

Q: can you give me any tips or advice on blogging?
A: er – sure. be confident in your blog, and pretend you know what you’re doing. the blog world is a gigantic game – picture a sorority house full of girls, gays, and the odd great looking straight man. it can be cruel, high maintenance, back stabbing and a bitch! but it is also rewarding, goal oriented, nostalgic, can lead to great opportunities, and can connect you with the best people possible … if you let it.

this is a tough subject, a lot of bloggers say the same things – keep at it – day in and day out – and I believe that too – but most importantly – find a niche and roll with it, every detail.

Q: what do you do for fun?
A: lol; blog! no, I have a life, really. I travel a lot. I work with my Bloggers Night Out team daily. I work, at my real job, daily – and love it, walk my dog, hang with my boyfriend, yadda yadda.

Q: do you plan to do a Bloggers Night Out event in Toronto?
A: Yes! Probably this 2012 summer approaching!

Q: where do you live?
A: like exact address? shit. stalker. I live in Toronto – in the city. six years now.

Q: where do you shoot your photos?
A: all sorts of places really – mostly up north at my mum’s. I firmly believe your background to each photo ever taken is almost as important as the clothing that is in it. the two need to work harmoniously together – I have looked upon countless blogs, I am such a fan of so many – but a lot of them – too – do not pay attention to the backgrounds. I do.

Q: how long have you been dating your boyfriend for?
A: hm. apparently 2,245 days-ish. also know as six and a bit years.

Q: what is your dogs name? and what is he!
A: his name is Rudiger – pronounced Rud-uh-gr not Rude-ih-gr. he is all sorts of things, the devil, a monkey, a jub-hub, a face raper, mostly a monkey! but the breed, ah, well – he is a half-wired-hair-jack-russell-half-yorkshire-terrier. if you know anything about dogs, these two mixed would scare 96% of the population – [high maintenance, hard to train, loads of energy … and loads of energy] I think he keeps me grounded.

Q: who is your inspiration?
A: well I blog about three people all the time. my gran, my mum, and my boyfriend. they inspire me – all in different ways. they also challenge me, push me, and motivate me. family is everything – and it is important not to forget that.

Q: how do you get invited to events/press days?
A: like I said above about the sorority – the press is like the mother hen, don, or warden. the power they have is insane – but sometimes you scratch your head at their purpose, and trust me, they scratch their head at mine, so they invite me to things to see if I am as short in person and I apparently type – or something like that, otherwise they get in touch with me to ask if I want to attend, I am certain lists are in existant.

if you have any other questions to shoot my way, go ahead. I have been keeping a list – for I have had a ton of things sent my way this past year. if you want advice on other things – I am more than happy to try. xo